The abbreviated account of the history of True Light Church Baptist

In 1923, a group of baptized believers of Christ met above the Owl Theatre on the corner of 47th & State Street in Chicago, Illinois and organized True Light Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Charity.

True Light’s second pastor was Rev. James Hubbard.

Still in pursuit of higher heights, in the early 1930’s, True Light relocated to 4502 S. Dearborn Street where sometime later Rev. E.J. Cole was called to pastor. Rev. Cole merged his congregation with True Light and the Christ Centered Church continued it growth. The late Rev. Cole’s son, Nat King Cole, served as pianist at True Light during his tenure. True Light became a growing body of baptized belivers and therefore relocated to 4527 South Dearborn, Chicago IL.

From 1938 to 1944, Rev. W. D. Kilgore served as pastor of True Light. Rev. Kilgore made tremendous strides in the growth of the church during his tenure.

From 1944 to 1980, The Reverend Dr. B.F. Paxton served as pastor of True Light. Under Dr. Paxton’s leadership, True Light was recognized nationwide. Dr. Paxton was also responsible for great strides in the growth of our church. Under his leadership a new edifice was constructed at 4527 South Dearborn, where we started our worship in August of 1946. A live broadcast was aired from the sanctuary of True Light from 1950 to 1963 on Sunday evenings from 6pm to 7pm. Dr. Paxton’s famous broadcasting opening lines were “He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that light which was the True Light that lighteth the path of everyone who cometh into the world”. After a tragic fire in the structure located at 4527 South Dearborn, Dr. Paxton and the members of True Light purchased our current edifice located on the corner of 73rd & Maryland Avenue in Chicago. Dr. Paxton served as pastor until his death on September 18, 1980.

Prior to his transition from this world, Dr. Paxton’s desire and recommendation was that the Reverend Dr. A. Harold White become the pastor of True Light.

Dr. White took charge of True Light in November of 1980 and continued in the footsteps of the previous leaders by taking True Light to yet higher heights. Much improvement was made in the church building and church body under Dr. White’s leadership. Dr. White is responsible for many of the programs and guidelines of which the church operates today. However, in his infinite wisdom and counseling from the Lord, Dr. White was elevated to Senior Pastor in November of 2002 and Pastor LaRue Franklin Kidd was elevated and installed as pastor in January 2003.

We have seen an enormous growth in our fellowship, membership, and Christian attitude under Pastor Kidd’s leadership. Pastor Kidd has accepted his charge and has dedicated his ministry to the building up of the Christ Centered Church.


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